Marc Boluda (Bouzouki)

Set up in Provence, between Luberon and the Vaucluse monts, in one of the most beautiful regions of France, Marc Boluda, luthier since 1985, creates here, guitars, bouzoukis, citterns, mandolins and banjos...
with love and passion for his craft, obvious in his creations.


Fabien Gram (violon)

It is at Rigny Ferron, a small charming village in the Othe country, that Fabien Gram, luthier seeking perfection, has chosen to retire to do his work Art. Far from Brussels where he has his shop since 1987, this artisan brings out of the wood, instruments marked with passion and expertise.
Born into a family of musicians, Fabien Gram when he was 14 decided to devote his life to the violin. This is what he has done for nearly 20 years. A magnificent 16th century house from Champagne country sees the birth of his exceptional instruments recognized by the most demanding musicians.


Association Irlandaise

The Association Irlandaise is governed by the law of 1st July 1901. It was founded in 1984 to bring together all Irish trends to preserve Irish culture and create links with the French community.
Currently, its goal is the discovery, information and introduction to traditional Irish culture especially music and related forms. It is open to anyone interested in Ireland and its culture. The Association Irlandaise organizes annual workshops in dance, singing, music and events as ceilis (Irish dancing).
Association Irlandaise
22 rue Delambre
75014 Paris


Mugar (celtic-berber music )

The Mugar musical adventure around the three flute players Nasredine Dalil Youenn Berre and Michel Sikiotakis was created in June 1996 at the time of the festival “Printemps Celte” of the "Grande Halle de la Villette" in Paris.



Capstern (Sea songs)

Capstern group was formed 20 years ago, precisely on 19 June 92. Under the pretext of a music festival, it was mostly to fulfill these five members their passion for music, the taste of people and things of the sea, sea shanties and a strong friendship.




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