Faolan - Fol the Diddle Night

Irish music
Faolan Fol the Diddle Night ! Musique Irlandaise
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Faolan Up Ya Boya ! Musique Irlandaise

Pistes :

  1. Harris Dance Tune (reels)
  2. I was a young Man (song)
  3. The Maids of Selma (Jigs)
  4. Paddy's Lamentation (song)
  5. Full Moon Walk (slow air)
  6. Hog's Eye Man (song)
  7. Whistling over the roofs (Reels)
  8. Pretty Saro (song)
  9. Meddley
  10. Cruel Sister (song)
  11. Jean-Claude Philippe's Slides set (slides)
  12. Galant poacher (song)

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